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My thoughts on college for people with disabilities are included in these books...
College Success for Students with Learning Disabilities
By: Dr. Cynthia Simpson and Dr. Vicky Spencer
Going to College with Autism
By: Dr. Emily Rutherford, Dr. Jennifer Butcher, and Dr. Lori Hepburn


·       US Federal Government Agencies

o   Social Security Administration

§  Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

o   United States Department of Labor

§  Office of Disability Employment Policy

o   US Federal Disability Services and Programs

·       TX State Government Agencies

o   Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services

o   Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services

o   Texas Medicaid Program

·       US/TX Non-Government Organizations

o   Asperger Syndrome Employment and Training Partnership

o   Autism Society of Texas

o   Texas Project First

o   The ARC of Texas

·       US/TX Resource Pages

o   Transition Matters (Created by Dr. James Williams, CRC, ACAS)

o   Autism Spectrum Coalition & Resources

o   Wrightslaw-Special Education Law and Advocacy

o   What Professors Can Do to Support Students with Autism

o   Questions to Ask Colleges About Assistive Technology

o   Integrated Self-Advocacy Curriculum

o   Life After High School Planning Guide from Ability Path

o   Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)

o   Jump Start-Reality Check Interactive Career Tool

o   Thomas Iland-Self Advocate

·       US/TX Research/Clearinghouse Centers

o   Think College-College Options for People with Intellectual Disabilities

o   National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center

o   Transition Coalition

o   Post-Secondary Education Research Center- TransCen

o   National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

·       US/TX Resource Directories

o   National Autism Source Resource Directory by Autism Society of America

o   Texas Autism Resource Directory by Autism Society of Texas

o   Connections: Special Needs Directory by Carestarter

o   Texas Directory of Disability Community Services by Texas A&M

·       US/TX Service Providers

o   Bloom Consulting

o   Texas Tech University Burkhart Center CASE-College Program for Adults with ASD

o   Stokan, Jaggers, and Associates

o   Easter Seals: Disability Services

o   UCP: United Cerebral Palsy

o   College Living Experience

o   Independent Living Experience

o   The Next Step Prep

·       TX Disability Advocates/Attorneys

o   National ARD/IEP Advocates

o   Cuddy Law Firm

o   A Charmed Life Advocacy

o   Disability Rights Texas

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